Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Moving: Eastside v. Westside in LA

After two years living in Hollywood my roommate and I decided it is time to move. He is taking a leap further into adulthood by buying a condo and moving in with his girlfriend. I am looking to cut down on my hour commute. Driving has become an extension of me. I'm beginning to fear that I've developed a rounder booty and podcasts have become my friends. [If you're in to comedy and nerdy pop culture check out the Nerdist). Hash tag: obsessed.]

As I am making my decision on where to call home I've entered the Eastside v. Westside debate. In LA this is a thing. It makes me uncomfortable. Which side is the best side?

via KCRW (my choice radio station)
I'm drawn to the Eastside's live music culture and DIY appeal. The Westside has a cleaner safer appeal and very walkable streets. They both offer amazing restaurants, shops, and I have friends that live on both ends of town. There was no one thing that could help me decide. Or was there? As summer approached it dawned on me. There absolutely is. The weather.

LA is so expansive that the difference in weather can change by 20 degrees. 20 degrees makes a difference to whether or not my hyperhidrosis is going to kick into high gear. This is where the Eastside loses every single time. My current place has air conditioning, but when it's hot I deplore the idea of walking to the grocery store. Walking uphill back in the heat means I will be drenched in sweat. I avoid my neighbors and pray no one else needs to get on the elevator to experience the humidity I radiate. Sorry Mother Earth but I will be driving to pick up my organic kale. 

All things considered, I've forked over my deposit to the Westside. A short bike ride from Santa Monica I welcome the foggy dewey mornings. The Westside rarely peeks over 80 degrees. The flat streets may not offer insane city views that the hills of Hollywood or Silver Lake can but they will offer peace of mind when I walk to get coffee at the local slow drip coffee shop sweat stain free.

For those moving into college dorms this month how is that going? Please share your tips or questions in the comments.