Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Louis CK, He Gets It

Have you seen this?

Immediately after watching I wanted to post here about it's simplicity and profoundness. No words came to me though. All I could think was, "Man, Louis CK... he GETS it. Am I right?!"

Then I saw this post from Yoga Dork, by Kelly Barrett. 

Kelly recalls her yoga training after watching the clip:
I think the biggest lessons we all learned in that [yoga] training were about ourselves—how we experience pain, loss, frustration, boredom, joy—and how we work through those moments by actually experiencing them, not avoiding them. And most of all, I think we learned how it’s actually a beautiful thing to experience all of that. 
It’s not reasonable to expect we can all live without cell phones and really that isn’t the point. But what yoga gives us the chance to do is to spend more time hanging out with ourselves. It gives us the chance to question if we’re reaching for our phones for something we already have inside us.
Exactly, Kelly. 

Taking in the sunset right before yoga class... with my phone.