Monday, September 23, 2013

Cold, Refreshing Ice Cream

Saturday was beautiful with cool breezes, scattered clouds, and a radiant sun. Intense heat seems to be behind us. Sincere happiness washed over me. I desperately embraced it considering I was nursing a a wine hangover. Can I get a hallelujah?! 

To make the afternoon even sweeter I hazily stumbled in to the newly opened Sweet Rose Creamery in Santa Monica. In big sunglasses and clothes from the night before I'm sure I was a sight for sore eyes. My friends have been touting Sweet Rose's gourmet flavors like Sweet Corn and Salted Carmel. For about a month I followed the stages to the grand opening on Eater LA with great anticipation. 

Ta da! Salted Carmel & Caffe Luxxe
For a hyperhidrosis sufferer the cold sensation of ice cream oozing down the core of your body is so satisfying. Holding a cold cup of your favorite flavor might even ease the sweat of your hands. A cone may be a little more difficult to manage potentially causing the dough to crumble. Hell with the cone! We don't really need those extra carbs anyway. 

The service at Sweet Rose was welcoming. They were excited to finally have their doors open and were ready to answer any questions we had. Clean white walls coupled with small splashes of color, and beautiful steel ice cream barrels the shop is a delightful addition to the neighborhood. Despite the service and scenery being everything I had hoped for I chose the absolute wrong flavors for my hangover pallet. Two scoops of Caffe Luxxe Coffee and Salted Carmel were an explosion of intense flavor that did not agree with me. If I was five I probably would've sobbed from flavor frustration. I continued to eat it hoping my taste buds would adjust. I nearly ate the entire two scoops-- I paid $5.50 for it after all, but was not sold on the taste. 

I'll go back to Sweet Rose no doubt about it. Next time I'll ask to try a few more flavors before diving in. Another lesson learned.

How was your weekend? Any refreshing lessons to share?