Saturday, May 11, 2013

It's Freezing in My Office

Oh hello, it's your fair weather blogger here. I started a new job!

The best part of the new job? It's freezing in my office.

This post is without any insight on sweating. I have no fancy tricks to offer you. Instead, to keep this blog going I'm going to try and write more about my daily life. I had a bit of tunnel vision and it's time to refocus on my life at large as a sweater.

Some of you may know I had a two month employment hiatus. I was funemployed if you will. After being at a job that I was miserable at I took a seasonal position with a well known film festival. The festival was an incredible experience, and the team I worked with was amazing. Once my position ended I really enjoyed those magical two months off. My sweating was at an all time low. I wonder if Europeans with HH sweat less because they are able to take longer vacations.... holidays. I haven't had an extended break like that since the summer between junior and senior year of college. That was many moons ago.

About the time I was starting to get anxious about finding work an opportunity to leave the nonprofit industry (my background), and join a marketing team for a toy company. An awesome coworker at my seasonal gig had put me in touch with the toy company. It was a scary moment leaving an industry for one I had no experience with and uhhh... I took a huge pay cut. I was scared that I wouldn't be able to make ends meet and I was nervous to go into the unknown.

Happy at work. [I do not work with Kermit.]

I made the right decision. Not only do I hardly sweat at work, but I am genuinely happy at work. My silly nature is perfect for marketing toys. I am learning and absorbing so much already. I am also in an einvronment where my superiors want to nurture my growth with the company.

Here's to a new branch off the career tree!