Monday, November 11, 2013

Outfit Trends for Your Sweaty Armpits and Feet

There are a few trends over the last year I have been absolutely smitten with. Any outfit that I can sweat freely in deserves a gold medal. Thank you to the designers, stylists, and fashionistas that have embraced these looks. Little do they know they're helping us out in a major way. 

The Classic Denim Shirt
Miley has some respectable moments.

Since my pre-teen years I've been rocking the denim shirt. Sometimes left open over another shirt, a short sleeved version can be worn over a sun dress in the summer, or a dark denim shirt rocked on its own. I recommend investing in a good quality dark denim shirt that allows for a bit of sweat. Often thick enough so sweat won't show through just like your favorite pair of jeans.

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Booties/ Ankle Boots
Simply adorable.
There is nothing worse than sloshing around in shoes. My sweaty feet rejoice in how easy it is to find socks in all shapes in sizes allowing me to wear fancier footwear. But my toes are beyond grateful for the ankle bootie. My entire foot is covered saving me the embracement of visible foot sweat, and I can wear them day to evening.

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Color Block Dresses
I am so in love with Vince Camuto right now.

Is this real? Is this really happening? There is a dress that is not just black that will allow my pits to sweat on constant stream? Shut up. With black color blocks under the arms these dresses are often intended to create a slimming silhouette. For us that means we can wear a dress with a pop of color without keeping our arms glued to our sides. Throw your damn hands up.

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What are some staples in your closet? Favorite places to shop?