Monday, November 25, 2013

My Special Skill: Vivid Dreaming

As of late my dreams have been coming to fruition or they've been a foreshadowing of something similar to come. Being a very vivid dreamer has it's hilarious moments but lately I've been a bit startled. A few dreams about work have become reality. Including people being fired and problems with my paycheck. Not exactly uplifting.

Tis the season for panicky dreams.

I stayed the night at the man friend's on Friday. It's not unusual for me to wake up in a minor panic at his place. I drool. This was different. In my dream he found out about my hyperhidrosis on the internet. Midway in I woke myself up and stared at him snoring. He was not about to pop the HH question. 

In the dream I repeatedly asked if he had found my blog and if that was what gave me away. I never found his source. He had a book in his hand, with his finger bookmarking a specific section. The book perhaps described HH and he put the puzzle together himself. He matter-of-factly asked, "Do you have hyperhidrosis?" Then proceeded to say he could find anything on the internet. A topic we've talked about in real life.

Clearly I'm still paranoid about my hyperhidrosis and frankly people finding this blog. I'm confident to say if he asked me I wouldn't panic. I have visions of the topic coming up organically. He's only grabbed for my sweaty feet once and I pulled away. There has been no reason just yet to describe HH. I am not as ashamed or nervous as I once was. It's a process coming to terms with this awkward condition. I just want to break the news as opposed to someone finding my "secret." 

I laughed when he told me people think he's weird. Maybe that was a good opportunity. You're weird? Well check this out...

My friend recently told me to look for progress, not perfection. This dream was simply a reminder that I still have a ways to go. 

How soon have you told someone about your HH?