Thursday, May 8, 2014

bkr Water Bottle Review

My morning ritual at work involves tossing my bag on the floor, firing up my computer, and going to the break room to fill up my water bottle. 

Water is bland. Not very exciting. Just kind of there. Serving a vital function I still trudge through drinking water. I started sipping from straws which adds a dash of fun to my water imbibing experience.

Hey there old girl. I won't forget you.
Nalgene's 500 mL bottle in bright green has been my trusty water bottle for years. Anyone who has attended the Sundance Film Festival will have this exact bottle. I've been three times. I've got quite the collection. I give a nod when I see someone with the same bottle around town as if we're rooting for the same ball team. It's a great size and has served me well. Zero complaints.

Then I met the bkr water bottle. It makes drinking water a touch more delightful. It's stylish. It has a wonderful silicon shell that covers the well crafted glass bottle. I'm amazed by the spout. The water pours out and slinks down my throat. Even the bottle cap is crafted in a way that makes it fun to hold.

That spout.
That fun cap.
I'm really crushing hard on this water bottle.

It's ridiculous. I know.

At $30+ a pop it's a bit of a splurge. A girlfriend gave it to me as a gift. I just bought one on Amazon as a gift spreading the bkr love. 

I wanted to share it with you because of that silicon grip. After having ETS surgery holding a grip is very difficult. Things slip out of my hands often. My hands shake a bit more in fear of dropping things. 
For sweaty hands that also have a hard time keeping a grip or opening things the design serves you too. The silicon won't slide through your slipper finger tips. The texture against a wet hand is soothing. 

Check it out.