Tuesday, May 6, 2014

A Breezy Renaissance Faire

Huzzah! Cool weather and turkey legs make for a happy HH lady at The Renaissance Pleasure Faire. 

Each spring Irwindale hosts a renaissance faire that is an absolute blast. Assuming you know how to let loose and get into the spirit. I do not don any faire garb. The renaissance costume has very loose interpretations by faire goers. You'll see a mix of the Avengers mixing with Star Wars, Doctor Who inspired get ups, I spotted a woman in bright sixties polyester florals, steam punk interpretations, and so on. Essentially, anything goes. Let your inner personality that challenges social norms fly.

Just because I didn't dress up per say doesn't mean I didn't think about my outfit carefully. 

This is the face of excitement.

Picking my outfit

  1. Checked the weather. A simple act that I am learning to make part of my daily routine. I scored big time with partly sunny day with a high of 75. Last year was a scorcher in the high 80s.
  2. Shorts were a must. I knew I didn't want to wear pants. My legs needed to see some sun even if just partially. Loose jean shorts wouldn't show any unexpected sweat and could get dirty. Renn Faire is a dusty dirty place. Which leads me to...
  3. Tennis shoes also a must. I rocked a pair of vans I've had since college that are saved for occasions such as these. Closed toed shoes are the life of a sweaty foot sufferer. Even if you have dry toes I don't recommend flopping about in sandals. Your toes are going to get real nasty in the dirt. The previous year I wore a cute pair of flats that I ruined with the oh so comfortable mix of sweat and dirt. 
  4. Lastly, I was exceptionally pleased with my choice of a long tank top and loose airy sweater. The sweater is a very light material that breaths. Oh how it breathes beautifully. Yet when it got a little too breezy in the late afternoon I felt it's warmth. Straight up black magic sweater. My tank underneath wicked away the body sweat.
I'm stoked this is becoming an annual tradition with my friends. A joyous event chugging cider, throwing ninja stars, shouting for joy to see "The Queen", having a chat with a witch, pretending to like turkey legs, falling in love with a knight during a jousting show and eating breaded sausage. 

Support your local renaissance faire.