Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Brazilian Waxes: Less Painful Than You'd Think

Shortly after my last breakup I decided I wanted to treat myself to a Brazilian wax. How that makes sense I'm not sure. I guess I wanted to feel more glamorous down there giving me the confidence I needed to be a sassy single lady again.

Brazilian Wax:
Brazilian waxes differ from regular bikini waxes because hair is removed in the front, back and everything in between. A "landing strip" is typically left in the front, but some clients opt for everything removed.

Can I get an OUCH?!

Waxing isn't for everyone and if you're not into it I respect that. It's your pubic region do what you want. If you are curious and you want to know as a sweater how to go about it please read on. Oh and a note for the fellas, there are even services available for men at some salons.

Lucky for me I work (soon to be worked) down the street from a waxing salon that specializes in Brazilians. Queen Bee Salon in Culver City and Brentwood has received rave reviews from Angelenos. A friend of a friend told me to see Anna. More or less her words, "She doesn't hurt at all. She will get right up in there getting all the hair you want GONE in 15 minutes."

So I just have to endure 15 minutes of torture? Alright I can do this, but as a sweater I am terrified. It's a whole other ball game when you sweat down there. Will Anna find it disgusting? Will she make a comment like, "Just relax. You're sweating so much," like I've experienced before for other beauty treatments. Will the wax not stick properly because my skin is too slippery?

I am here to tell you none of that came to reality. I've been back seven times. Each time I go I still sweat quite a bit. The tissue paper that lines the bed like at a doctors office does stick to me. But I soldier on! Because each time I leave with satisfied results.

Anna is a complete professional. When I walk in her waxing room I immediately drop trou, remove underwear and hop on the table like it ain't no thing. It still cracks me up thinking about it. My vagina is completely exposed and she's not my OBGYN. We're taught to cover that part of our body at all costs. It's a bit invigorating.

The first time I went I apologized for sweating so much to which she responded, "Oh don't worry about it. The waxing makes a lot of people sweat. You're not the only one." She keeps me talking asking questions about the latest in my life. She's good at the small talk to keep your mind off the fact she is ripping hair off you.

Then fifteen minutes later you're done. Wham. Bam. Thank you ma'am.

If you've wanted to get a Brazilian wax and have been timid to try I hope my experience empowers you. Sweating be damned.

Like I've mentioned with doctors it's important to do your research. I've been told there is no standard certification that is recognized for Brazilian waxologists. You want to make sure you go to someone who is experienced and won't cause any damage to your skin. Yelp is always a great resource. And speak up to what you're looking for. Not sure what you're looking for? Ask what they recommend. Also, if they don't have instructions for after wax care be sure to ask for suggestions on keeping your pubic region free of ingrown hairs and irritation.

Would love to hear from others about your experiences waxing any part of your body. Please share in the comments.