Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sandals For Sweaty Feet

I don't always wear sandals,
but when I do, I wear these:

Rainbows are ubiquitous in many parts of Southern California, particularly in Orange County and San Diego.  They are traditionally available in leather. Leather being a material that makes me sweat just thinking about. I don't remember where I stumbled upon Rainbows made from hemp material, but it was a revelation.  Grabbing the cloth like sandals, holding them close, smelling their natural odor, dropping to my knees in pure joy, shedding a tear to the beautiful craftsmanship.... OK OK that didn't happen. In my imagination it did though.

The hemp material soaks up the sweat and feel very comfortable for sweaty feet. The thick straps also cover some of the sweat on top of the foot. There is no sloshing. There is no slipping out. No drops of sweat glistening on the actual sandal.

These are my abused sandals. I've owned these for years. I blame their disgusting look on a recent camping trip. The sweat abuse does make them change a bit in color but it doesn't really bother me. It's clear the darker brown is a better choice if you have the option (I did not).

Sometimes you just can't wear shoes and socks. When I can't these are my go to.