Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sadness & Suffering

To truly experience life we are demanded to experience sadness and suffering along with happiness and joy. I will talk about these themes more in the future as I've learned a lot about embracing highs, lows and everything in between as part of the ebbs and flow of life. But today, I want to recognize the unnecessary inflicted pain forced upon someone and the suffering they are forced to manage.

Today the Charleston community and black people nationwide are suffering. In the US we've allowed an ideology that black people are less than. Furthermore we're allowing this ideology to breed stronger and stronger despite decades of work to reverse discrimination. Whatever your political leaning is, I demand that you agree that all lives matter. No one should be terrorized.

As you take on each day I encourage you to help be the change. Stop and give a little compassion. I receive many emails from people simply looking to relate. We offer one another compassion. Through compassion the world becomes a little more manageable. Our fears become less daunting.

Stop and look someone new in the eye and recognize them for the human they are.

Do not take your personal suffering and infect someone else with it. Suffering should not be a disease that is transmittable. Take responsibility to do self care, to heal your suffering. You do not heal from passing on your pain, you simply make the world a little more shitty.

Let's stop perpetuating fear and stop terrorizing people of color. 

With compassion,