Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Living With Women

How are things with you?

What are you up to? 

Did anything crazy happen to you during the eclipse this week?

Things with me are going. Just going. Fighting to stay engaged in my current surroundings. Embracing my wonderful surroundings.

Did I tell you I live with three other girls? It's a god damn sorority house and we're all in our late 20's. Except it's actually nothing like a sorority because we all have jobs and are pretty emotionally stable and none of us use a flat iron. One of the gals is here temporarily before she begins grad school. In June we'll be back to just the three of us. 

Fresh flowers and real talk at the dining table.
Growing up as an only child I dreamed of siblings to share with. I also love being alone as a result of being the doted on daughter-- it took some adjusting living with this many ladies.

The greatest thing though has been our pow wows in the evening. We never know when they will happen. In the evenings when we all just happen to be at home at the same time we unleash our days. The sharing, commiserating, belly laughs, eye rolls, and compassion that is exchanged during these hangouts is spectacular. It's very reminiscent of my senior year in college when I lived with two of my best friends. I wish I could package up these moments and save them for later. I know this is a very unique experience that will leave us once we move on to the next phases of life-- grad school, marriage, new cities, etc.

Living with three strong independent women has really helped me stay on track with my confidence. Best part is these girls were relative strangers (I worked with one a year prior) when I moved in. They do not fit into my friend mold. We generally don't hang out outside of the confines of our casa except for celebrations and exercise. That means I'm exposed to different ways of thinking and new experiences. It's done wonders for the way I view things and I seek them out with some decision making. 

Mostly I appreciate their passion to succeed in life, particularly their careers. I've observed I get paralyzed when thinking of how I will execute my aspirations. They're going for it. Sure they too hit road blocks, which are discussed at length, but they're trying. I'm sort of standing on the edge of the pool staring at the water waiting for the right moment to jump. Or I jump right in without seeing how deep the water is. I'm learning from them.

I am cherishing this chapter of life. 

What are you cherishing?