Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Miss Coco Peru: A Role Model

The universe has been speaking to me. Take a moment to stop laughing at me and see if you can join me on this wave for a moment. Just a moment. Oh come on. Come oooooon. You might just like it.

The voices of the universe seem to be fading. I want to remember these moments that have happened in the last weeks to remind myself of where I'm going and that the possibilities ahead are tangible.

I met Miss Coco Peru. And by meet, I mean I waited for her eagerly after a show I paid to see. What do you mean you don't know who Miss Coco Peru is?!

Coco Peru is a fabulous human being who happens to be a drag queen. She inspires us to be who we are. As simple as it sounds it's one of the most important messages we can preach to one another. And my goodness does Miss Coco Peru have a voice to preach it. My friend and I got tickets to see her show "She's Got Balls." We loved every song, story, and fabulous sequin Coco shined on to her audience of giggly Angelenos. 

I've just recently been introduced to Coco's work (see above). Little did I know she's an icon in the world of drag and gay alphabet soup. That red wig came to life in the 90s when I was still rocking bike shorts on the playground. I'm a little late on the bandwagon. But my goodness, she's a god damn rock star. 

This post is admittedly a little late. I saw this show about two weeks ago... maybe three? I really needed a pick me up. The universe delivered. I got Coco to brighten my outlook and really have a great fucking weekend. Her energy was just what I needed. 

Us sweaty folk often don't feel comfortable in our own skin. Coco gets that, but she reminds us to go after what we want. Shine on and damn those who just don't understand. Look around the room for your friends-- we got you. 

"There is a big beautiful world out there and we are waiting for you with open and loving arms..." 
Coco Peru

Sure Coco's message is meant to empower the gay community, but I think the message transcends to all audiences looking for a kick of hope. I'm pretty sure she'd agree... especially if it means more YouTube views.